A Rugby World Champion Dog


Ralph The All Black!

Congratulations New Zealand, Rugby World Cup 2015 Champions!

I’d be a great All Black, I have the ball skills and the colours too. Will have to have a word with that bloke Carter, he’s moving to France which is not too far from here…


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Crossing The Rhine

I was out with my Humans in The Car (I know but I was persuaded by talk of ball throwing and nice gentle walks in the woods…) not long ago and we came across this river.

rhine01 First thing that caught my eye was the funny shaped church in the middle of the river. Humans are crazy creatures, why build in the middle of the river when there is perfectly good dry land eh?

My Humans say it’s a castle with the rather long name of Pfalzgrafenstein. Built to charge tolls to travelers on the river around 1326. Tad old then… Anyway next thing I know my Humans are saying we have to cross the river. What? We are in a car, The Car what’s wrong with a perfectly good bridge?


We are not going to the boat castle? Tell me we are not?


Next this flat boat thing turns up, bloody hell…


You Humans have got to be kidding me, WE ARE NOT GOING ON THAT!


But we did… No stopping a Human once their mind is set.



This is decidedly unsafe guys, turn it around…


Are we there yet I daren’t look…


Ye Gods we made it…

I will continue this dog’s tail on another occasion. I have a Rugby match to watch…


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A Rugby Dog

rugby03  As some of you guys will know, there is a big sporting event in England over the next six weeks, the Rugby World Cup. For those of you from the USA this is a game a bit like your football but without the protective padding! Anyway, what’s a dogs blog got to do with Rugby eh? Well as it turns out I’m a great fan of the game. It’s one of the few things on my Humans TV that attract my attention, the others being anything showing a sheep and sheep dog trials. Oh and the Dog Whisperer of course.

rugby01      You may think I am making this up but my humans will back me up on my viewing habits. [Human-Editor’s note: Yep, only dog I’ve ever seen that can actually watch TV and seem to understand the content. Has the attention span of a gnat though luckily for us]

Rugby is a brilliant game that I first heard about from my Uncle Dog from New Zealand. Him and his Human, Wal were stars in their day. Well actually it was local country Rugby. Uncle Dog’s role was to steal the ball and run off and hide it much to Wal’s annoyance, himm… must be where I get my ball skills from then. Because of this and of course Grumpy-Human is from New Zealand too, I go for the All Blacks. Well one other thing, I’m a Black & White Border Collie, team colours of the All Blacks!

rugby04 The All Blacks performing there famous pre-game Haka. It involves much leaping, pulling funny faces and sticking out of tongues, a bit like me really…

We had a big scare on Sunday.

rugby05  Grumpy-Human was in London at Wembley Stadium watching the All Blacks vs Argentina match while me and my other Humans were watching it live on TV at home. We assumed the All Blacks would win easily but the Argentines (also known as the Pumas go figure) really came close to beating them.

rugby02  I was a nervous wreck especially after one of the other favourite sides to win the tournament, the South Africans lost to Japan, a fairly low ranked team a day earlier.

We won 26 – 16 in the end. South Africa lost 32 – 34 to the Japanese but what a game that was! The Japanese team (who call themselves The Blossoms by the way) managed an epic David and Goliath style struggle that ran right down to the very last seconds of the game. Any one remotely interested in any sport should watch that match if they can. Bloody Marvelous as Grumpy-Human would say.


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