Last Days of an Aussie West Coast Summer

Last Sunday I could feel in me bones the ebbing of summer and the first signs of a cooler autumn hanging in the air.

Have ball, will travel

My Humans were going for a walk down to the local yacht club where there was an open day to sign up new members. A link to the East Fremantle Yacht club and picture gallery here. Now I don’t know why me Humans seemed so keen to go along as we don’t even have a boat! I have heard the food is superb at the club restaurant and reasonably priced too although as per usual in Australia us dogs have to stay outside.

This must be the Yacht Club but I’m more interested in the river…


There are great views out over the Swan River and boat harbour so I guess that’s what me Humans were going for. Me I just knew there would be a pretty good chance for a last summer swim…

Now I don’t want me socks to get dirty… Swimming is just past the boats.
Forget ya boats this is where we need to go…


This is more like it, this is wot I’m talking about.
OK, the ball can now be thrown, just sayin…
Heh Heh… Lunch!

Now this was fun! I pretended I was a shark heading for this bird! The Cormorant didn’t budge though, just sat there sunning his wings and glaring at me.

Just jokin…

The Swan River has an abundance of bird life. These Great Cormorants have to sun themselves after a fishing session as their feathers aren’t waterproof – bet ya didn’t know that did ya?

It’s a dog’s life here on the banks of the Swan River that’s for sure.
I think that bloody Cormorant damaged me ball! 

Have a great week all!




My New Home Range

Hi Guys I have not been out travelling as much as I used to in Europe, well not yet anyway. Mainly because we are still getting our new house in order and settling in to our new country.


A little about our local area though. It’s a beautiful suburb of Perth near the Indian Ocean port of Fremantle and very close to the Swan River which runs through the centre of Perth. The Swan River is named after its unique black swans. I am still working on a cunning plan to catch one…




My Humans have located a nice “off leash” dog walking area. It’s beautiful shared sports park, overlooking the Swan River. Today I was there with about 6 other dogs all off our leaches playing together, stealing each other’s balls and just having a great time. Dare I say it, maybe even better fun than with my German hund pals in the forest!



srFeb03  A spot of ballet anyone?

We have a dog friendly beach close by too so more on that soon. The only real negative so far is that us dogs are not allowed in any shops or restaurants! Really surprising since it was no problem in most of Europe, oh well must get used to change eh?


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My First Walk in Perth, Western Australia


Just a short blog showing a few pictures of my first walk down to Perth’s Swan River which turns out to be 10 minutes (well for my lazy Humans that is, really a couple of minutes trot) from my new home.



See I haven’t lost any of me ball catching skills eh… Just as sharp as ever!



I’m settling in well now although the heat still gets to me but nothing a splash in the river can’t cure… I have had a bit of an upset tummy and a cough that seems to be fading now, much to my anxious Humans relief.

No sign of any nasty critters (I’m keeping a beady eye out for those moving stick things). The local bird life make some crazy noises like nothing you have heard. More screeches than the forest bird songs of Germany.


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Snow White, A Wolf and a Big Cat

I woke up this morning, well I was woken up by those noisy Humans of mine, and peered out the window…


White, white everywhere, it snowed last night! Winter came early. I just love snow, I love catching it as it falls, I love my Humans throwing snow balls and me catching em, I love snow ball fights too!


Come on guys we gotta go into the forest, this is real snow. You won’t be getting this back in ya really really hot Western Australia my Human family and you know it!


Hey, Grumpy-Humans Jag is out! Ha Hah, just in time to be snowed on… That’s what he gets for not letting me ride in it, so what if I shed a few hairs on the seats eh? He says he is bringing it to Australia, what a contrasting picture that will make.



I’m a wolf, well I share the same genes you know. Look I blend in rather well in my black and white colours.

snow1115-09   I can just see myself stalking my prey… waiting hidden to the last minute while some unsuspecting deer wanders by, me leaping out ready for the chase!


Nah…, on second thoughts stalking balls is way more fun and they don’t kick and bite back.




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The Rhine Continues – Lorch

The Rhine at Lorch, about 12 km upstream from Rüdesheim (my last Rhine blog)  is the start of the steep valleys and the impossible vineyards perched on their slopes. Castles start appearing at each twist of the river now.


Check out the cool steam train! But man picking those vines must be tricky…

The Rheinsteig trail is the walk to follow if as I previously mentioned you don’t want to use The Car, the train, a steam train, the bicycle or the boat. The Germans cater for all forms of transport and don’t miss a trick.  The Rheinsteig trail continues for over three hundred kilometers along the Rhine but at Lorch it is quite special, winding up to tremendous views over the river and village. For more info on the Rheinsteig trail check out their English web site here.


rhine-21  Come on you lazy Humans, the trail is this way.Ya just follow the blue and white squiggly thing!



Me and Curley catching a breather, overlooking the Rhine and Lorch.


Lorch with a view

rhine-15 rhine-16


Princess and me taking it all in


We weren’t the only ones enjoying the view.


Now if we keep on the track we will end up in Kaub where I blogged about crossing the river last week. I’m assuming we are not doing that eh? Lets take The Car? Did I just say that?


Back in Lorch ready for the obligatory afternoon coffee and cake, well water and cake for me.

Next blog I think it will be Kaub and beyond…


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OMG Its Autumn!


Or Fall for my American friends… I have no idea why this year’s colours are so much better than last year but even my jaded dog perspective is wowed! One morning I took my bleary eyed early morning self outside to do my business and all was green, three days later this! Here are a few pictures taken on the local walk out our front door near Frankfurt Germany, enjoy!




Don’t throw me ball, it will get lost in the leaves!



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A Walk On The Wild Side

Border Collie & Ball

Well we have been out walking in an area we don’t go to very much but it was great as the whole family, all five of us came along. Curly-Human as usual was the most reluctant. The call of the Internet & TV on these last days of summer and school holidays far outweighed the call of the wild! In compensation we walked she rode her bike! For me it’s just so good to have my flock… er… pack back together again.

wws-01  Come on Curley-Human, get off the bike there’s a Meces to be had down there…

wws-02  You Humans are so slow. Will ya chuck me ball already!

wws-03  Come on Princess-Human you can do it, just a little kick now. You’re getting close… Yes I know it’s a bit slobbery and ghizzy but that the best part!


wws-05 Ahhh, there’s our little village coming into view. Nearly home. Can we do it again?

wws-06 What! You guys got ice-creams? That’s mine that one, hand it over Curly…


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