I am the most traveled Border Collie in the world. How do I know this? Well I just guested really but I do feel like one of those travelling garden gnomes the way my picture ends up on my Humans Facebook pages with the appropriate famous landmark lurking in the background… just saying…

Anyway I thought I’d add this page listing my travels to date. I’ll chuck in some photos later when I get a chance to pilfer my Humans Facebook and Instagram sites.

April 2012  –  Somewhere in Ireland  –  Born

August 2012  –  The New Forest, UK  –  Rescued by my Humans

August 2012  –  Haddenham, UK  –  My new home in Buckinghamshire, really posh!

August 2013  –  Christchurch, UK  –  Beach weekend

January 2014  –  Frankfurt, Germany – New home, MUCH bigger and really posh!

rhine-12  April 2014  –  Lorch on the Rhine, Germany  –  Hiked up a mountain for views over the Rhine valley

April 2014  –  Kassel, Germany  –  ANZAC day memorial visit

June 2014  –  Abingdon, UK  –  Don’t know why but it was fun!

croatia04  July 2014  –  Dubrovnik, Croatia  –  Swimming in the Adriatic, hard to beat for a dog

July 2014  –  Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina  –  Ahh the bridge…

TP-2014-08 August 2014  –  Venice, Italy  –  Cool canals

October 2014  –  London, UK  –  Visiting my Humans family

January 2015  –  Heidelberg, Germany  –  Cause you can

February 2015  –  Utrecht, Holland  –  Just a cool city

20150328-pr11 March 2015  –  Prague, Czech Republic  –  A REALLY cool city!

March 2015  –  Metz, France  –  Just for lunch

March 2015  –  Mussig, France  –  ANZAC day memorial visit

April 2015  –  Baden Baden / Black Forest, Germany  –  Had to try Black Forest cake in the Black Forest.

lim2-17  May 2015  –  Limburg on Lahn, Germany  –  They have Human eating dragons in this city!

Eppstein Castle  June 2015  –  Eppstein, Germany. The guy who wrote “The Count of Monte Cristo”, Alexandre Dumas also wrote about Eppstein castle….

A border Collie at Castle Eltz  July 2015  –  Castles in the Moselle and Wiesbaden regions of Germany. very hot!

2014 / 2015 – The Upper Middle Rhine River Valley: Rudesheim, Lorch, Kaub & Crossing and St Goar

rvFeb01  January 2016 – I immigrate to Perth Western Australia:  Departure. Arrival, My first walk in WA

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3 thoughts on “My Travels

  1. Ralph, I’m afraid I’m looking rather poorly traveled by comparison. However, I did notice that you’ve been to Heidelberg in Germany. I lived there for around 6 months back in 1992 and lived with a German family. It was the experience of a lifetime, especially as it’s much harder to just take off like that later in life. I have a Border Collie called Bilbo who is 9 and Lady, who is a Border Collie x Cavalier and she’s 3. I hope you have a fabulous Christmas and New Year xx Rowena

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    1. Rowena,

      Hi to Bilbo and Lady too.

      My family and I have lived near Frankfurt Germany for two years and it’s been fantastic. We are so central to fabulous places in Europe many like Heidelberg are only hours away. So be it a trip to Metz, France for lunch or a day out in lovely Heidelberg it’s so easy.

      Sadly we are moving home to Perth Australia in a few weeks. We are very sad and will miss all of this.

      Perth my Humans tell me is a great outdoors city and I will love it but… 36 hours on planes and airports then 10 days in quarantine in Melbourne followed by another 3 hour flight to Perth… I will be a wreck when I arrive.

      But I’m sure I will have wonderful new adventures in Australia to blog about.

      Have a great Christmas and New Year you guys and thanks for following me.



  2. Dear Ralph,

    You lead an amazing and fun filled life. My human says I need one more booster and then I can get out and go too. I can’t wait! Thank you for visiting me yesterday. I look forward to seeing where you go next!


    B.F. Walker

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