A Dogs Perspective: First Weeks In Australia Pt 3

The food in Perth is fresh and yummy both for me and my Humans. Don’t get me wrong Human food in Germany was fantastic (contrary to what a lot of Humans say) but its food for a cold climate. Here in Perth there are many fresh sea food options like snapper,  prawns, scallops, mussels and oysters. Then the local meats are brilliant too. Lamb is my favourite, well I am a Border Collie eh. I have to be very good (or very crafty) to score lamb though… The beef steaks are way up there as well (usually only score these as leftovers or sneak em off the BBQ).

month1-16Another favourite is real fresh Kangaroo from the local supermarket. Now funnily enough I did use to get the canned version of this in Germany as a treat from the local German pet shop but this is so much better.


Doggy pals. Now I knew many hunds in Germany and walked with them and their Humans in the forest all the time. My mates there were great and I do miss em all. Here in Perth the dogs all have funny Aussie accents, no kidding! I find em hard to understand at times but they are very friendly. I do wish they would stop adding an “O” to the end of their words and barks though, I’m now Ralpho apparently!



Our local dog park has some times as many as 10 dogs all playing together, no squabbles. There is this one character, a red border collie called Jonny that gets up my goat though. He is the best ball stealer in the world. He knows just how to distract you when your ball is thrown, then catches it himself and won’t give it back. He often sneaks up behind me and nicks me ball. Very annoying mate! They are a great crowd, even Jonny and he is only a year old after all.











We are still waiting for our container load of stuff to arrive from Germany. Grumpy Humans says the ship is currently near Hong Kong. Due early March in Fremantle.






This means my precious Ball Collection is on the high seas and at risk.




I’m still nervous about all those nasty Australian critters that can kill you although I haven’t seen any yet I will admit. Having said that, these strange little bitey things the Humans call ants are everywhere and they keep eating my dinner when I’m outside! Australia has the biggest cockroaches I have ever seen, 3 or 4 cm long, Boss-Human screamed a blood curdling shout when she saw one the other day. If she is scared of em then that’s good enough for me too, I hid under Princess-Humans bed for ages. They look big enough to pick me up and fly off with me I reckon.

I did see a shark in the Swan River but my Humans assured me it was a dolphin. Curley Human was chuffed  that she could tell her mates back in Germany and England that she sees Dolphins playing in the river on her way to school in the morning! One up on the old story she used to tell her classmates about riding Kangaroos to school I suppose!

So bottom line? Has Transportation to Australia been good so far? Hell Yeah! I haven’t had so much fun since I was a pup at puppy school or the days I got to roll in fox poo.



Sorry Germany, I love and miss you too but Perth is a pretty nice place to live, just saying.




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A Dogs Perspective: First Weeks In Australia Pt 2

A strange thing has happened to me in the last month, get this… I love The Car! Who knew eh? Remember my blogs on The Car in Germany? I hated the infernal contraption.


Reasons I Hate The Car (From Germany updates for Australia)

Number One. Motorcycles.  Motorcycles, the most deadly thing known to man or dog, get them off the road I say. They zoom right past the car window with that dreadful racket they make, peering  in at you with that sinister helmet thingy on their heads. I just have to bark back to warn em off,  even if my Humans yell at me for my well placed comment on the demented thing. Update: Yep still hate em! And will bark vigorously to indicate this.

Number Two. The Withering Look.  There you are in The Car, parking up somewhere and I can see out my windows we are 1mm  on the white line, next thing you know the Human parked next to you gets out and give my Humans the “Withering Look”. I make a well directed  bark and this time my Humans do seem to encourage me. I mean what is the problem eh? I know  Humans in this part of the world, particularly older Humans have mastered this Withering Look but really, for parking? If you are not careful it will strike you blind I’m certain of that. Update: Not a problem in Australia, you should see how higgledy piggledy they park here and no one gets upset and so no need for the withering look.

I was wondering if there is an equivalent with Hunds. And yes it does happen! You go on a nice walk with your Humans, a passing  Hund and Human wanders by and as I have me ball (as you do) and the Hund does not (not allowed) I get a Withering Look as if I should give up my ball, come on mate it aint going to happen… Update: No withering looks from other dogs but they do try and steal your ball if you are not quick enough. Positively kleptomaniacs some of these Aussie dogs – yeah Jonny I mean you mate…

Number Three. Pit Stops (or lack thereof)   This is a biggie, when you get into The Car you just have absolutely no idea how long you are going to be in the thing. Once we drove 15 hours, admittedly with a few brief pit stops but come on guys… And when we do stop, I NEED greenery to do my thing (the odd tree helps), not concrete… And will you stop looking at me please, please… Update: Well so far no long trips so no worries. Longest trip in The Car has been  the 30 minutes from the airport to home when I arrived.

Number Four. Curley’s Music  That strange beat music Curley-Human listens to, it drives me crazy, especially through the tinny headphones, what about a bit of “Who let the dogs out, woof woof “, “Give the dog a bone – AC/DC”  or “Walking The Dog – Timbuk3” eh? Update, what can I say, still drives me crazy…

Number Five. Back Seat Drivers (and I really do mean literally in the back of The Car)

The Car-5 If you are riding in the back of The Car like me then there is almost always the nose cone of an Audi or BMW  a few millimetres from your head. You can see the whites of the drivers eyes as the Human tries to will you out of the way. Grumpy-Human just says “what’s behind me is not important” but he’s not sitting in the back with a obsessed manic trying to mow him down … Update: Perth drivers are even crazier than German drivers. They don’t know how to merge, they race through red lights, there is no lane etiquette  just “me first” any lane will do, but they don’t seem to tail-gate.

The main thing is that every trip I do in The Car is a delight now, it always ends in something exciting like the beach, the ball park, the river or picking up the Wee-Humans from school. And so far no car trips to the VET which is a plus too.

One last thing, Grumpy-Humans Jag was shipped to Perth from Europe a couple of months ago.

The Jag back in Germany a few months ago

And has just arrived.


The Jag and me in Perth. I could probably dive through that window while the Humans are distracted…

He never lets me ride in it on account of the fact that I shed my fur. It mystifies me as you should see the hair Curley-Human sheds! Anyway there is hope for me to score a ride now that we will be using it as an every-day car here in Perth. More later when I get that ride.


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A Dogs Perspective: First Month In Australia Pt 1

Ok, here we go. I have paw to keys, its been a month since I arrived in sunny Perth, Western Australia. Time for a review me thinks.

In late January after my flights from Germany and 10 days quarantine in Melbourne my arrival at Perth Airport was pretty traumatic.


Yes my family were there to meet me, that was soooo goood. I thought they had abandoned me. I had a backup plan, buttering up the Quarantine ladies in Melbourne in the hopes they would take me home, almost worked too! Lots of hugs, kisses and tears from my Humans later and all was well in my world again.


Border Collie Ralph in a Heatwave

The second thing that was traumatic was the heat. In Germany the highest I experienced was 37C which I blogged about last year in Castles In A Heatwave. Sadly no castles like that here in Australia


Perth was 40C when I arrived, now bear in mind I still had my winter coat and only 14 days earlier was whining about -4C and snow in Frankfurt!








And it got hotter, up to 47C one day (that’s 117F for me American mates). And I have to tell you this, my Humans new house is in need of a little renovation so NO AIR-CON! Well I flopped around the place trying to stay cool. Me and me Humans took many trips in the air-conditioned car. The thing that saved me though and is now one of my favourite things is me Humans new home is very close to the Swan River.

Himmm, nice and cool but what about the sharks eh?

This is a pretty big river that even has its own beaches which are for the most part very dog friendly. So walks morning and evenings (when its cooler) with lots of swimming and ball catching in the water was perfect.

At home during the hotter parts of the day a good hose down does wonders too.


I think I may actually love this place more than my forests in Germany… there I said it!












More soon


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My New Home Range

Hi Guys I have not been out travelling as much as I used to in Europe, well not yet anyway. Mainly because we are still getting our new house in order and settling in to our new country.


A little about our local area though. It’s a beautiful suburb of Perth near the Indian Ocean port of Fremantle and very close to the Swan River which runs through the centre of Perth. The Swan River is named after its unique black swans. I am still working on a cunning plan to catch one…




My Humans have located a nice “off leash” dog walking area. It’s beautiful shared sports park, overlooking the Swan River. Today I was there with about 6 other dogs all off our leaches playing together, stealing each other’s balls and just having a great time. Dare I say it, maybe even better fun than with my German hund pals in the forest!



srFeb03  A spot of ballet anyone?

We have a dog friendly beach close by too so more on that soon. The only real negative so far is that us dogs are not allowed in any shops or restaurants! Really surprising since it was no problem in most of Europe, oh well must get used to change eh?


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My First Walk in Perth, Western Australia


Just a short blog showing a few pictures of my first walk down to Perth’s Swan River which turns out to be 10 minutes (well for my lazy Humans that is, really a couple of minutes trot) from my new home.



See I haven’t lost any of me ball catching skills eh… Just as sharp as ever!



I’m settling in well now although the heat still gets to me but nothing a splash in the river can’t cure… I have had a bit of an upset tummy and a cough that seems to be fading now, much to my anxious Humans relief.

No sign of any nasty critters (I’m keeping a beady eye out for those moving stick things). The local bird life make some crazy noises like nothing you have heard. More screeches than the forest bird songs of Germany.


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Ralph Released

Hi I’m out! Safely in Perth Western Australia and reunited with my Human Family.


Trundled out at Perth airport, different crate than the one I departed Germany in, long story. My ten days in Melbourne Quarantine were fabulous, if I had a hat I would take it off to them. They treated me like a VIP which was so cool. Loads of fun ball catching and meeting other dogs, over 50 dogs there from all over the world.


Perth Airport is a tad hot though…



Ahhh… in the air-conditioned car and on my way to my new home.



This is it, a new life behind these doors eh?

More blogging soon but our internet has not yet been installed so it’s a bit hit and miss  stealing Boss-Human’s mobile internet connection…


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Safe arrival of Ralph [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

From: “PEQservices”
Date: 13/01/2016 12:53 PM
Subject: Safe arrival of Ralph [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Good afternoon,

Please be advised that Ralph arrived safely into quarantine this morning at the Mickleham post entry quarantine facility and travelled well.

We will only contact you throughout the quarantine period if there are any issues or concerns with your animal or the import documentation, therefore no news is good news.

Kind Regards,
Biosecurity Officer   |   PEQ Service Delivery   |   Service Delivery

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

135 Donnybrook Road, Mickleham VIC 3064 Australia

PO Box 1006 Tullamarine VIC 3043

Web: www.agriculture.gov.au

New PEQ Faclity: https://postentryquarantine.govspace.gov.au/


Ralph Has Left The Country


Oh crap! This doesn’t look good. I thought it would be a little more salubrious. This is like some warehouse for machine parts…


OK, it was me who ate the last Krabin Chip, not Curly-Human, I come clean sorry, now get me out of here! Where are they taking me, this doesn’t look like travel to Australia? Come rescue me quick…


Marching Orders

Well I’m back from the Government Vet and I have my Marching Orders. All documentation now complete, no going back. Off to the airport on Sunday, Australia calling.

I had what is probably my last run in my forest this afternoon. I’m really going to miss this place, this Germany.


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