River Fun

Hi all

Sadly not much time for blogging at the moment as me and me family settle in to Perth life but here are a few snaps of me down at the river until I can get more serious paw to keys…

Ok, enough mucking about! Throw it will ya…


Shark Attack!


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It’s June

Smug Dog and Ball

Its June already, the longest day is nearly here.

Crate21  The European summer, all six days of it are nearly over… And we haven’t even been on our summer holidays yet! I don’t know where my Humans are taking me (better not be Australia), I hear talk of Spain and France, then they mention Northern Ireland so it’s a mystery I guess.

Its been a bit slow here the last week, not so much to blog about. I did spot an alien in my treats bin though!

Dog and a pigs nose  So who put the nose in my treats bin then? Seeing as it’s here I’ll have that thank you very much. By the way the cravat I’m wearing… Not me, bloody Princess-Human cornered me and stuck it on me… Anyway its not my colour.

Dog goggles doggles  And check these out, doggie goggles! I just love Germany, they have everything a dog needs here! Doggles eh… I’d be a cool dude with these on the beach this summer holidays, just saying…

dog and crate  The Crate Wars continue, my Humans think they are winning because I slept in my bed next to The Crate last night That was only because they moved the bed there in the first place. No way was I sleeping on the floor in the hard living room.

Chat later


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The Battle of The Crate Continues…

The battle of wills over my missing bed and the new Crate continues. I’m still sleeping in the living room but I have to say I am starting to lose patience as I like to get an early night and my Humans keep me up by watching TV to some ungodly hour like even 10PM, go figure! Normally I’d just put myself to bed but oh wait, I DON’T HAVE A BED ANY MORE!

crate10  The latest from my Humans was to put a pile of me favourite balls in a heap in The Crate to “entice” me in.

crate11  Well no problem I say, I just reached in with me four paws firmly planted outside The Crate and grabbed my favourite ghizzy ball, you gotta love it.

1 – 0 to Ralphie I’d say… Over to you my lovely Humans…

Actually my Humans say I did technically have one paw in The Crate so there is hope. We will see as the saga continues.


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My Favourite Balls

There is yet another rail strike in Germany beginning today. This one, so my Humans tell me, is to go on indefinitely, crikey that sounds like a long time then. Great, that means lots of grumpy Humans not just Grumpy-Human. Even Princess and Curley-Human will be grumpy because they have to get up early to go to school by The Car!

My solution? Cheer em all up. What better way than to tell them and the world about me balls eh?

Continuing the story on my ball obsession hobby…

Pristine tennis balls

balls15-02 Nope you can’t have it. I’m not done ghizzying it up yet

My favourite ghizzy tennis ball

balls15-01 What? Never seen a dog poke his tongue out with a ball in his mouth? Is there a train coming? Nah, they are on strike, they are always on strike in Germany!

Frisbees, while not strictly balls are loads of fun

balls15-03 Who ate the inside of me Frisbee eh? Oh wait, that would be me!

Partially eaten balls

balls15-04 These are brilliant with their texture and all and great to tease your Humans with. The best thing is to keep chewing it down in size to see just how small a fragment you can get your Humans to throw for you! They are crazy, I once carried around a fragment of a ball smaller than my toe, they still threw it for me, go figure…

What do you do with a favourite ball?

balls15-05 Keep a bloody close eye on it because at any moment it can leap up and run off in some random direction. Oh wait, that would be a sheep! Well balls do this in my dreams you know… Anyway if you stare at the ball long enough your Humans will feel sorry for you and throw it.

So there you are, just some pickies of some of my favourite balls. See my blog a few months ago where I showed you some more of my private ball collection.


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