A Boys Weekend At Home

My flock has been reduced. It all started when Curly and Princess didn’t return home after an outing. Me flock down by 2, I kept trying to tell Grumpy and Boss, but couldn’t get through to them… Then Boss disappeared too! Away somewhere up north for work in the Bad Lands where crocodiles and monsters roam. I worry… then I think …ahhh she will be fine, besides now it’s just us boys with the house to ourselves.

This is cool, a boys weekend then! Oh the peace and quiet, no squeakage from Princess and Curly, no Boss bossing me around. Just us boys. I even get a chance to read me footyflats book, catching up on me long lost uncle…

Have a great weekend everyone, I am!


P.S Oops I’m not supposed to be on the sofa, hope Boss Human doesn’t read this post.