What Am I, The Results Are In

Finally after weeks of anticipation me DNA breed test results are in! Now I am a tad surprised to say the least… Turns out I’m not the Border Collie royalty I thought I was. First here’s a reminder of the guesses from my family:

  • Me:  100% Border Collie royalty of course. WRONG!
  • Boss Human: 80% Border Collie, 15% Greyhound, 5% Labrador. WRONG!
  • Grumpy Human: 75% Border Collie, 20% Greyhound, 5% Labrador. WRONG!
  • Princess Human: 70% Border Collie, 20% Greyhound, 5% Labrador, 5% beagle. WRONG!
  • Curly Human: 40% Border Collie, 40% Greyhound, 5% Labrador, 5% Golden Retriever, 5% Whippet, 5% Other [You calling me a mutt Curly? – R]. WRONG!

So what am I?

Need me glasses

Well it turns out there is zero Greyhound in me. This really surprised me Humans. They were right about me having some Labrador blood though, probably where I get me sea legs from.

So what else? Before I reveal the stunning details I took the liberty of hunting down some photos of dogs based on the DNA profile I have just learnt about me. These are my long lost Birth-Parents (maybe):

My Dad, a Border Collie / Labrador


And my Mum was… wait for it… Drum roll please… A Border Collie / Spaniel!

Jeez better stop being such a Border Collie snob at the dog park after this gets out eh?

Here is the complete chart:



I’m not disputing the King bit but really? I’m descended from a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? They were bred as ladies lap dogs, oh the shame…

Now was it worth it? I think I liked it better when I knew I was a full on Border Collie descended from old Hemp.


On the other paw it’s nice to know your parents. My Humans have mixed feelings too. They were so sure I had Greyhound in me and it turns out there is none. All their theories about why I run funny and why (they think) I’m the laziest Border Collie in the world were wrong. They were pretty happy to have the breeds mix in that it does help with my nutrition and exercise along with understanding temperament with children, putty tats and other dogs.

Was it worth AU$ 120? Maybe but my Humans think that this Advance product took a long time to get answers (my blood sample had to be sent to the USA from Australia). There are cheaper options with a DIY kit involving taking a swab from within my mouth and posting it off locally. It’s less than half the price of the Advance product. Perhaps it’s not as accurate?

Me and me Humans would be interested in anyone commenting on their experience with this one or any other DNA test products for canines.

For now this is Ralph the mostly Border Collie but still full on Grey Ghost (and definitely not a Greyhound or indeed a Weimaraner) signing off.

Oh and Happy Chinese New Year!