What Am I, A Border Collie?

As I mentioned in me last blog I got a DNA breed test prezzie for Christmas. Although the results are not back yet. I am certain I am all Border Collie descended from the great and wise Old Hemp himself who passed away a tad long time ago in the UK. Wikipedia has all the info on him.

The first Border Collie “Old Hemp”

My Humans are of a different opinion. You see I was a rescue dog born in Ireland so I don’t actually know my parents. My Humans guess I’m mostly Border Collie with Greyhound and a dash of Labrador. This I dispute, I aint got no Lab in me mate, just coz I love Human food, that’s dog breed-ism that is! Nor do I have any lanky Greyhound in me either.

Anyway since I won’t have me answer for another few weeks I thought I would ask you guys out there in Internet Land to report what you think I am, just from all me blogs and photos. It’s all just for fun.

A few other things you may not know about me which might help:

  • I love water, even more that catching balls although it’s pretty cool when they combine together…  arv7  I even have slightly webbed feet.
  • I am social with other dogs but prefer concentrating on the sport of ball catching / retrieving when out and about. I make exceptions for Border Collies and some other breeds I deem as “honorary” Border Collies.
  • I don’t usually bark at home although I will fiercely bark at any intruders or Putty Tats crossing a defined perimeter of our house.
  • I am protective of my Human-flock and get pretty upset when they bugger off without me. In the mornings I like to do the rounds of the bedrooms to check in on me Humans and get a quick cuddle from each one.I don’t like early mornings so if possible I get up after 9 am. Later if I am not disturbed.
  • One walk a day is OK, in fact fantastic, any more and I get cranky. I’m basically  like to sleep a lot …
  • I hate fireworks and thunderstorms so New Year and Chinese New Year are no-go outside times and a support cuddle inside time. OK I’m a bit of a wuss bag if I’m honest!
  • It’s my job to inspect everything me Human bring into the house, no exceptions. Check out this old blog for more details.
  • If I am unhappy about something I will make it known to me Humans through judicious pointed comments which my stupid Humans think are moans and groans.
  • I am smart, very smart… I like sitting back and observing everything, especially my Humans, brain the size of a planet… and me Humans keep me as a pet!
  • I love Human food and have very inventive ways of getting it. My favourites are Pate (Waitrose sourced), meat freshly stolen from the BBQ and now this past Christmas I have discovered the yumminess of fruit mince pies. None of which my humans let me have…hence my inventiveness… I wrote this little note a while back on How To Get Human Food for me fellow canines.

I’m not sure how the final DNA Breed Report will list breeds. I found this example online to give me a clue:


but just using simple percentages me and me Humans came up with our guesses:

Me:  100% Border Collie royalty of course.

Boss Human: 80% Border Collie, 15% Greyhound, 5% Labrador

Grumpy Human: 75% Border Collie, 20% Greyhound, 4% Golden Retriever, 1% Cat, it would explain his laziness [What! – R]

Princess Human: 70% Border Collie, 20% Greyhound, 5% Labrador, 5% beagle

Curly Human: 40% Border Collie, 40% Greyhound, 5% Labrador, 5% Golden Retriever, 5% Whippet, 5% Other    [You calling me a mutt Curly? – R]

So what am I?

Tell me what you think? I will reveal the DNA results when they arrive in a few weeks.

Happy New Year