The Easter bunny came and the Humans all got Easter eggs and chocolates. I got another ball! Easter15-1 I’m not a great fan of the Easter bunny and I guess it’s mutual as the bloody bunny hung my ball out of reach just for laughs.

Easter15-2 Which reminds me, yesterday I was taken on a trip (reluctantly as usual) to the local dog treats shop (not so reluctantly once I knew we were going there) and guess what I think I know where the Easter bunny lives!

Easter15-3 Now that has to be the Easter bunny

Easter15-4 And check out the big meces!


Nearly Easter


Well it’s almost that time of year the Humans call Easter. It’s still a bit chilly for my liking so I prefer indoor ball catching but I can already see the glimmer of green on the trees across the road. The Humans in this part of the world have a quaint custom of having Easter Ball trees. Haven’t figured out why they are not perfectly round like my ball.

I snatched one of them from the tree when the Humans were distracted, they are pretty useless as they are made of hard thin plastic. Who wants that in their mouths eh?

Easter14-2  Picture of Boss-Human trying to retrieve an Easter Ball from me. Good luck with that…