A Dogs Perspective: First Month In Australia Pt 1

Ok, here we go. I have paw to keys, its been a month since I arrived in sunny Perth, Western Australia. Time for a review me thinks.

In late January after my flights from Germany and 10 days quarantine in Melbourne my arrival at Perth Airport was pretty traumatic.


Yes my family were there to meet me, that was soooo goood. I thought they had abandoned me. I had a backup plan, buttering up the Quarantine ladies in Melbourne in the hopes they would take me home, almost worked too! Lots of hugs, kisses and tears from my Humans later and all was well in my world again.


Border Collie Ralph in a Heatwave

The second thing that was traumatic was the heat. In Germany the highest I experienced was 37C which I blogged about last year in Castles In A Heatwave. Sadly no castles like that here in Australia


Perth was 40C when I arrived, now bear in mind I still had my winter coat and only 14 days earlier was whining about -4C and snow in Frankfurt!








And it got hotter, up to 47C one day (that’s 117F for me American mates). And I have to tell you this, my Humans new house is in need of a little renovation so NO AIR-CON! Well I flopped around the place trying to stay cool. Me and me Humans took many trips in the air-conditioned car. The thing that saved me though and is now one of my favourite things is me Humans new home is very close to the Swan River.

Himmm, nice and cool but what about the sharks eh?

This is a pretty big river that even has its own beaches which are for the most part very dog friendly. So walks morning and evenings (when its cooler) with lots of swimming and ball catching in the water was perfect.

At home during the hotter parts of the day a good hose down does wonders too.


I think I may actually love this place more than my forests in Germany… there I said it!












More soon


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Snow White, A Wolf and a Big Cat

I woke up this morning, well I was woken up by those noisy Humans of mine, and peered out the window…


White, white everywhere, it snowed last night! Winter came early. I just love snow, I love catching it as it falls, I love my Humans throwing snow balls and me catching em, I love snow ball fights too!


Come on guys we gotta go into the forest, this is real snow. You won’t be getting this back in ya really really hot Western Australia my Human family and you know it!


Hey, Grumpy-Humans Jag is out! Ha Hah, just in time to be snowed on… That’s what he gets for not letting me ride in it, so what if I shed a few hairs on the seats eh? He says he is bringing it to Australia, what a contrasting picture that will make.



I’m a wolf, well I share the same genes you know. Look I blend in rather well in my black and white colours.

snow1115-09   I can just see myself stalking my prey… waiting hidden to the last minute while some unsuspecting deer wanders by, me leaping out ready for the chase!


Nah…, on second thoughts stalking balls is way more fun and they don’t kick and bite back.




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OMG Its Autumn!


Or Fall for my American friends… I have no idea why this year’s colours are so much better than last year but even my jaded dog perspective is wowed! One morning I took my bleary eyed early morning self outside to do my business and all was green, three days later this! Here are a few pictures taken on the local walk out our front door near Frankfurt Germany, enjoy!




Don’t throw me ball, it will get lost in the leaves!



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A Walk On The Wild Side

Border Collie & Ball

Well we have been out walking in an area we don’t go to very much but it was great as the whole family, all five of us came along. Curly-Human as usual was the most reluctant. The call of the Internet & TV on these last days of summer and school holidays far outweighed the call of the wild! In compensation we walked she rode her bike! For me it’s just so good to have my flock… er… pack back together again.

wws-01  Come on Curley-Human, get off the bike there’s a Meces to be had down there…

wws-02  You Humans are so slow. Will ya chuck me ball already!

wws-03  Come on Princess-Human you can do it, just a little kick now. You’re getting close… Yes I know it’s a bit slobbery and ghizzy but that the best part!


wws-05 Ahhh, there’s our little village coming into view. Nearly home. Can we do it again?

wws-06 What! You guys got ice-creams? That’s mine that one, hand it over Curly…


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Up A Hill In Eppstein

We went on a family test drive outing in the new car last Sunday.

Eppstein Germany  Eppstein is a nice little town in the Main-Taunus-Kries region near Frankfurt.

Speed Camera Eppstein  Grumpy-Human moans about it because he has to drive through it every day on his way to work and there is a speed camera there set to go off if you go 0.0001 km/h over the 50 km/h limit (he says) and he has had 7 tickets already to prove it!

Eppstein Castle   But as Grumpy-Human puts it: “It’s a bloody toll collection scheme! Just like in the robber-baron days when Eppstein Castle was built”

Did you know (and this is from my Humans cos I’m a dog and don’t know about such things) that the guy who wrote “The Count of Monte Cristo”, Alexandre Dumas also wrote a book set here? It was of course called Castle Eppstein. Grumpy-human says it was rubbish, but hey I’m just a dog what do I know eh?

Kaiser temple Eppstein  Anyway back to Eppstein. look up at the hill will you, that’s our destination, the Kaiser Temple and restaurant.

We went up this one track road on a very steep hill with rather large drops down the side of the mountain. I was not amused, in fact I was praying we wouldn’t meet a car coming the other way as there was no room to pass, someone would have to reverse…

Kaiser Temple Eppstein  But we made it to the top as Princess-human will attest.

Eppstein Taunus Area Kaiser Temple  At the top is a brilliant view over the town of Eppstein and surrounding Taunus region,

Ralph Border Collie Kaiser Temple   and a small monument, the Kaiser Temple, to Prussia / Germany wining the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 and

Kaiser Temple restaurant  a yummy little Italian restaurant with views to die for mark the top.

Many walk tracks through the forest cut past here too, come on guys we should do these…

Border Collie Stick Eppstein Germany  Now this is a stick mate, this is what I’m talking about. Ok balls are great and all but a pretty big stick, this is primeval stuff.

It’s mine, you Humans can all bugger off, I’m not even interested in ball throwing today. It was a great day out. I’m actually looking forward to more in our new Car now.


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A Weird Last Week In June

Weird June Ralph

It all started with Grumpy-Human leaving us for a short trip to the UK.

ICE Train  He took the ICE / Eurostar trains via Brussels but was back home 12 hours later. He says they turned his train back near Calais, France because of a strike by French workers. Also rather strangely there are thousands of Humans from other countries trying to sneak into the UK via the Channel Tunnel and ferries. Why the UK? I have travelled there a lot, yep they have great Boarding Kennels and stuff but the dog food is crap, the size of their houses are mostly tiny so us dogs get a bit claustrophobic, go figure…

Dogs playing in the UK. Ralph  The UK countryside is brilliant for us dogs though. This is me and me mates having so much fun in the UK last year, miss em I have to say, sigh…

I think the Humans at Calais need the help of The Cop, aka a Border Collie eh? Anyway there was such chaos with the refugee Humans taking the opportunity to sneak on to trucks and trains that the Channel Tunnel was closed and Grumpy-Human had to make the long trek back to Frankfurt. He WAS Grumpy upon his return to us too. His second attempt was to fly instead and that was successful.

Grumpy-Human returned home a few days later with a new car… Wot, I thought? What was wrong with the old Car, I only just got used to it! I have blogged rather negatively about The Car in the past I know but I hate change, don’t my Humans know this yet?

The really weird part about the new car is that the driver sits in the wrong place, he/she sits on the right side of the car because it’s a UK car. This I fear is going to make it tricky driving about Germany, I think I might insist on riding in the back for safety reasons…

Right Hand Drive Germany  On the plus side Boss-Human says its great at intersections, she likes to sit in what is normally the driver’s seat in German cars while reading a magazine. Heh heh, it freaks the German drivers out as they think our car’s driver is foolishly reading while driving!

Ralph and the Honda CRV  At least it has a tad more room in the back where us dogs get stuffed than the last car… And oh my god that’s a big tail gate…

To top off a weird week, last night or more precisely at 2:30am wild pigs come down from the forest and started a blood curdling screaming fit at our gate. I think a piglet had gotten lost. Well I tried and tried to wake my humans up, eventually Grumpy-Human came down to see what all the fuss was about. Now I am not a trained pig-dog so no way was I going outside as Grumpy-Human was suggesting.

I remember some advice from Uncle Dog about pigs: “Yummy when bacon, rapid exit stage right when breathin”.

Anyway they eventually left and me and Grumpy-Human retired for some well-earned sleep… that was until 7am when some bloody guys with chainsaws came and started trimming the forest across the road from our house! Can’t a dog cop a break? As you know I’m not a morning person but with an already rough night I had no qualms about barking the hell at them and with encouragement from Grumpy-Human too.

What a week, I need a holiday…


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My Favourite Balls

There is yet another rail strike in Germany beginning today. This one, so my Humans tell me, is to go on indefinitely, crikey that sounds like a long time then. Great, that means lots of grumpy Humans not just Grumpy-Human. Even Princess and Curley-Human will be grumpy because they have to get up early to go to school by The Car!

My solution? Cheer em all up. What better way than to tell them and the world about me balls eh?

Continuing the story on my ball obsession hobby…

Pristine tennis balls

balls15-02 Nope you can’t have it. I’m not done ghizzying it up yet

My favourite ghizzy tennis ball

balls15-01 What? Never seen a dog poke his tongue out with a ball in his mouth? Is there a train coming? Nah, they are on strike, they are always on strike in Germany!

Frisbees, while not strictly balls are loads of fun

balls15-03 Who ate the inside of me Frisbee eh? Oh wait, that would be me!

Partially eaten balls

balls15-04 These are brilliant with their texture and all and great to tease your Humans with. The best thing is to keep chewing it down in size to see just how small a fragment you can get your Humans to throw for you! They are crazy, I once carried around a fragment of a ball smaller than my toe, they still threw it for me, go figure…

What do you do with a favourite ball?

balls15-05 Keep a bloody close eye on it because at any moment it can leap up and run off in some random direction. Oh wait, that would be a sheep! Well balls do this in my dreams you know… Anyway if you stare at the ball long enough your Humans will feel sorry for you and throw it.

So there you are, just some pickies of some of my favourite balls. See my blog a few months ago where I showed you some more of my private ball collection.


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Ralph, King Of The Meces!

I got one, I got one, I got one!!! Finally after (dog) years of trying I’m the King Of meces hunting now.

walksA-8  I was in the Forest today with my Humans and spotted one of the little devils in the grass undergrowth.

Bonked it on the head with my ball in my mouth as you do and whooohey… one meces presented to my Humans… I told them I could catch one and they wouldn’t believe me. Sadly, the meces was just stunned and staggered off drunkenly… My Humans wouldn’t let me eat him, unfair!


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The Black Forest Border Collie

bbApr15-01  Oh ohh, another trip in The Car. I’m on the back seat and there are suitcases in the boot so that means it’s a long way and I’ll be sharing the back seat with Curley and Princess Humans. Hope they showered! I hear strange talk of Black Forest’s and cake. Weirdly I could go for that…

bbApr15-02 bbApr15-03  Cripes, this is a bit twisty, hold tight Curley -Human this looks decidedly unsafe! Oh ohh, wish I hadn’t guzzled all that food at our last stop now…

bbApr15-04  Yey! We have stopped. Grumpy-Human says this is one of the best driving roads in Germany, Highway 500 on our way to Baden-Baden in the Black Forest. I just wish he would enjoy it less for my tummies sake eh…

bbApr15-05   Boss and Curley Humans enjoying the view, me I want to know what that weird wooden stump with big eyes and a mouth is. That’s a bit scary!

bbApr15-06   Heh heh… Look at me, I can do stump art too!


bbApr15-08  Come on Curley-Human, there’s a view to be seen (and the longer we view the view the longer I’m outside the bloody car eh).

bbApr15-09  The view is great but I’m worried about health & safety, this looks a tad dodgy. Come on guys we gotta get down from here…

bbApr15-11  We have finally arrived at our digs for the night.

bbApr15-10  Looks like I get my own room and everything! Oh wait… bugger, I have to share with Curley and Princess Human. Curley-Human will be keeping me up all night tap-tapping on her computer and Princess-Human snores. She says it’s me but I know better and anyway us dogs don’t snore.

bbApr15-12    A stroll around beautiful Baden Baden.

bbApr15-13 bbApr15-14 bbApr15-15 bbApr15-16

bbApr15-17   Back on the road again and this looks like a nice place to stop for lunch.

bbApr15-18  Yep Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte, Black Forest cake to you and me, is on the menu, yum! This will do nicely.

bbApr15-19  Yep, stunning views but where’s me Black Forest cake?

bbApr15-20  Ok guys enough with the photos, I want Black Forest cake IN THE BLACK FOREST!

And did I get any? No! apparently my Humans tell me Black Forest cake is bad for dogs… come on you are just saying that so you guys get to eat it all! I will get my revenge…


We are home bound now and apart from stuff like The Car and NOT getting to eat any Black Forest cake (my Humans are saying: let it go already, get over it) in the Black Forest, this was a pretty good adventure and a pretty stunning part of the world. Well worth visiting.

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