A Dogs Day Out In Frankfurt

Now I think today I’m picking up some of Grumpy-Humans grump. I’m definitely a bit grumpy to say the least. There I was minding my own business at home and I detected the tell-tail signs of an adventure happening. Walking shoes going on, proper outdoor clothes, the rattle of car keys and… and… the dog leash. Oh no not the dog leash! I am quite happy to stay on guard duty at home but no… Curley-Human had to be picked up from a sleep-over at a friend’s house in Frankfurt so my Humans thought it would be great to take me for a nice walk along the Main River which runs right through Frankfurt. As usual Humans know best so off we went…

BorderCollie Not Happy  This is what I think of that!

ffwalk02  Himmm, that looks a bit deep and a tad unsafe…

ffwalk03   Yeah, great views back to the city of Frankfurt but I’d rather be home chasing balls, just saying…

ffwalk04  Actually a boat cruise on the Main River would be pretty cool and I bet as this is Germany us dogs would be allowed too. The boats sail from here all the way to the Rhine River, the Moselle River and beyond.

ffwalk05   If I steal this boat perhaps I can escape in it eh?

ffwalk06   Oohh come on guys its time to go!!

And that was me day out in Frankfurt. Perhaps I was a bit hard on the day out thing because it was mostly OK actually. Maybe my Humans will organize that cruise next time, I’d be up for that.


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