The World’s Biggest Sheep

I’ve had a nice slow week after my encounter with The Vet. I’ve been keeping a low profile with my Humans and watching the Rugby World Cup too of course. By the way did you see England lose to Australia? Boy that was a big game and a half, I know I go for the All Blacks and  Australia due to my Kiwi / Aussie family but I really felt for the Poms (Aussie term for the English) last night.

Ralph watching Rugby

Anyway when I heard my Humans were going out for the day to somewhere called The Stables to visit some friends it sounded interesting and worth risking a car ride for, so off we went.

horse-03  Now you’re just not going to believe this. These stables housed the biggest sheep in the world! I swear the hooves on the things were as big as my head.


It must be pretty vicious too as it was kept behind this electric fence. I touched it and crikey what a jolt, not doing that again…

horse-02  Oh my god its going to eat me!

horse-01   They come in many colours but the wool on em looks a little thin. I wonder if there are super sized Border Collies where they come from to round em up eh…

It got worse as my silly Humans decided to hop up onto the back of one them. I thought of rescuing them but then decided nah, looks decidedly dangerous to get to close those hooves so I thought best to leave em to it. Hey, they didn’t listen to my warning bark…

horse-05  I did meet a new mate which was pretty cool.


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