The Mathematical Dog

Humans live a lot longer than us dogs, not fair I say! On average a medium sized dog lives about 1/7 of the years a Human lives, hence the ole rule of thumb that you multiple a dogs actual years by 7 to get the Human equivalent. So as I’m 7 and half years old, in Human years that’s about 53, oh no I’m really old (but still good at math)!

Now a recent study done by the University of California, San Diego found that this is in fact incorrect. The University study was done with Labradors so I’m not sure how accurate that will be! Apparently dogs age quite rapidly at first then this tapers off as we get older. If you are interested, New Scientist ran an article about the study, here is the link.

This is the new formula, a bit of a doozie for us dogs:

Human_Age_of_a_Dog = 16 x ln(dog_years) + 31

So I tried this on me self: 16 x ln(7.5) + 31 = 63. Wait, 63! That’s older than even Grumpy Human!!! No way, I told ya they should not have done the study on Labradors. That was their problem. I’m going to keep using the proven x 7 formula!

Any way I thought it might be fun to test this on myself through me mug shots through the years: