Using My Voice

AKA barking as my Humans call it. I am quite confused at what I can and cannot bark at. I can bark to be let in or out of the house. I can bark if an intruder penetrates The Border, I can bark if I need food,

Bark-2  I can grumble bark if I’m snoozing and some inconsiderate sod wakes me up…

So why can’t I bark when I see a dodgy character or vehicle approaching The Border?

You see, usually if I hear something strange at The Border I immediately speed down to investigate and if it’s NOT one of me mates, much barking will insure to scare of the offender. This is then followed up by much yelling from my Humans. I mean they are yelling louder than I was barking anyway. OK, OK sometimes I will admit it turns out to be the kindergarten kids being taken for some fun at the playground near our house but come on they are not exactly scared and often tease me back with copy-barks!

My Humans have this evil oval ball toy thing that I absolutely hate.

Bark-3  It plays the most horrid music (my Humans say it’s the theme to the Oregon Ducks football team). They use it to “train me” not to bark by activating the ball knowing I hate it. Doesn’t work though!! Just on principle I try to ignore it.

They once resorted to attaching this water squirter thing to my collar. It would squirt me under the chin with cold water each time I barked loudly. Actually I quite liked it! Cool and refreshing heh heh… Although one day I raced to The Border because the evil DHL man was making a delivery. I raised my head and barked at him as you do and the water shot out and hit him in the face! I thought, I gotta keep this, this is a way cool border control weapon. Sadly my Humans removed it after that incident.

Bark-4  So I still bark at The Border and I’m still confused but the battle of wills with my Humans continues.


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