Holiday Is Over


Well if you have noticed me countdown you will know there are not many days before I’m out of here… Some of my Humans the day after me although poor Grumpy-Human has to stay around for the move day.

I am trying to keep my head down as there is a lot going on around me. Already the Christmas decorations have gone. The tree is turfed out onto the patio. Last leftovers scoffed by me…

There have been strange visitors too. They keep stealing various pieces of furniture when they leave while I try and bark fiercely at them, my reward is the usual stuffed into the basement. I just don’t get it… Well perhaps I do this time, I know we are leaving for Australia and the moving company is coming soon so I guess my Humans are ditching stuff they don’t want to transport all that way. Its getting a bit traumatic for me but it could be worse…

Some Syrian refugee families have been housed by the German government not too far away from us and they have almost nothing. It’s so sad, I wish I could wave a magic paw and fix it for them, this Human world is pretty mixed up I have to say.

My Humans have so much stuff especially clothes and toys the wee-Humans grew out of long ago so they have passed these along to the Syrians. That will cheer em up a bit. Also much of our furniture that really doesn’t need to be transported to the other side of the planet is going to them too.

balls01I wish they had a dog, I would give them some of my ball collection no problem.


Vet4-00   As I said, my own countdown is running. This week its back to the local Vet for various last minute jabs with that bloody cold sharp needle thing. Next a trip to the Official Government Vet in Frankfurt is needed to certify the local Vets work was completed and results are good. The day after that I’m bundled off to the airport with me crate for an overnight stay and on to a plane for an early morning departure and 7 hour flight to Dubai. Another overnight stay then back onto another plane this time 15 hours in the cargo hold bound for Melbourne, Australia. Yep no First Class trip for me mate… You Humans you tricked me…

My Humans say I have the biggest bladder in the world but this time that might be a stretch… They will even install incontinence pads under my bed in the flight crate for pity’s sake…

But even after this, it’s not over for me.

aumv-002    Not quite sure what a Dept of Agriculture and Water Resources has to do with dogs but I guess I will find out… You see I then have to stay in quarantine in Melbourne for at least 10 days while my Humans have to wait for me in Perth which is yet another 5 hours on a plane away from Melbourne.


Quick picture from the internet of the dog area, this dog looks happy enough and it does look spacious, I hope they have a comfy bed and a few balls mind you.

You thought the picture of me being let out of the car after a couple of hours on an English Channel ferry were grim… ukt1

…wait to you see me after this ordeal! I wonder where me Humans private jet is when you want it eh?

This Perth, Western Australia place better be bloody worth it I can tell you!


This is apparently a beach on Perth’s Indian Ocean coast. Ok maybe it will all be worth it after all!


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