The Rhine – Kaub to St Goar


This is my final part of a little journey up the Rhine. We cross the river at Kaub as I mentioned under great stress a week ago on this doggy car ferry thingy..


Now we have a gentle winding road through colorful villages along the Rhine to our destination, Saint Goar


Humans take note please!


Yet another castle. Boy those olden day Humans loved their castles eh. My Humans say they were mostly to lord over the river and extort tolls from travelers.


A popular dude in St Goar. Will have to ask my Humans about him but I think he was the Monk the town was named after…

The best bit of visiting St Goar is the walk up to Castle Rheinfels which has great views from high above the Rhine. It’s an easy walk and the views and food from the outdoor bistro are brilliant (if you can beg, borrow or steal it from your humans that is, some techniques on that here).


Castle Rheinfels


Awesome views as you sip your beverages


The descent through the vineyards are pretty good for views too.


It’s a bit of a fixer-upper-a when you go around the back of the castle though, just saying…

Of course you also have legendary Loreley just over on the other side of the river from Saint Goar. We didn’t go to that side of the river on this trip so no pictures but I thought it worth a mention as you Humans seem to love the legend. As a dog I really don’t get this but what I heard was that a maiden used to lure sailors to their death on the rocks there by singing songs, go figure eh… It is a very deep and narrow part of the Rhine, very tricky navigation so I guess sailors have had a few issues there over the years. You can read  a bit about Loreley on the Rhine, check out this web site.


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The Rhine Continues – Lorch

The Rhine at Lorch, about 12 km upstream from Rüdesheim (my last Rhine blog)  is the start of the steep valleys and the impossible vineyards perched on their slopes. Castles start appearing at each twist of the river now.


Check out the cool steam train! But man picking those vines must be tricky…

The Rheinsteig trail is the walk to follow if as I previously mentioned you don’t want to use The Car, the train, a steam train, the bicycle or the boat. The Germans cater for all forms of transport and don’t miss a trick.  The Rheinsteig trail continues for over three hundred kilometers along the Rhine but at Lorch it is quite special, winding up to tremendous views over the river and village. For more info on the Rheinsteig trail check out their English web site here.


rhine-21  Come on you lazy Humans, the trail is this way.Ya just follow the blue and white squiggly thing!



Me and Curley catching a breather, overlooking the Rhine and Lorch.


Lorch with a view

rhine-15 rhine-16


Princess and me taking it all in


We weren’t the only ones enjoying the view.


Now if we keep on the track we will end up in Kaub where I blogged about crossing the river last week. I’m assuming we are not doing that eh? Lets take The Car? Did I just say that?


Back in Lorch ready for the obligatory afternoon coffee and cake, well water and cake for me.

Next blog I think it will be Kaub and beyond…


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The Rhine Continues – Rüdesheim


To continue my blogging theme on the Rhine River from last week I thought I’d take you on a journey along the Rhine from Rüdesheim to Saint Goar over a sequence of short blogs. This is my favourite section of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley and is nearby our home too. Stunning scenery and a working river as well.


Now you can travel this part of the Rhine in various Human contraptions such as The Car, a road with good views runs down both sides of the river. By train, good views and also runs close to the river at the bottom of the valley.


By bicycle, these Human powered things are great if you are not a dog… Although I have seen those yippee little dogs lodged in baskets on the front of their Humans bikes, looks way to undignified for me. Anyway it would seem there are great bike tracks all along the Rhine. I notice us Hunds have to be on a lead though. No catching pigeons then… Boy you gotta love the Germans for the signage eh?

rhine-09  But my favorite method is by boat. Now I’m not talking about the car boat thing I blogged about last time, no this is a proper boat with comfy seats, food and everything. There are regular ferry boats travelling up and down the river stopping at little villages along the way. The cost is pretty reasonable too, about 25 Euros for the trip from Rüdesheim to Saint Goar which takes 2-3 hours. You Humans can even sip a nice cold Riesling and let the scenery trundle by you.

Let’s kick this journey off in Rüdesheim then.


A beautiful little town on the Rhine. This is my journey so I won’t be doing much of the tourist spiel you can get that from here. You can even ride the cable car to the top of the valley for some brilliant views over the Rhine and the vineyards.

rhine-03  Loads of great places to eat and drink down little alleyways and side roads. Love the cobblestones on me paws


The Carillon (Glockenspiel). Its supposed to make some kind of racket for the Humans once an hour but I think its broken cos I didn’t hear anything.


Now it seems my Humans have spotted ice-cream. I love ice-cream! . One problem, no dogs are allowed in which is very unusual for Germany I must say.

rhine-06    They even have Kiwifruit flavor!

rhine-07  If I just push my nose against this door I’m sure I can get in…

Did not happen! But Princess-Human gave me some of hers, very yummy.

Well that’s enough for this short part on my travels up the Rhine, I hope you enjoyed it. In my next blog on the Rhine I think a stop at the small village of Lorch would be perfect to stretch the legs!


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Crossing The Rhine

I was out with my Humans in The Car (I know but I was persuaded by talk of ball throwing and nice gentle walks in the woods…) not long ago and we came across this river.

rhine01 First thing that caught my eye was the funny shaped church in the middle of the river. Humans are crazy creatures, why build in the middle of the river when there is perfectly good dry land eh?

My Humans say it’s a castle with the rather long name of Pfalzgrafenstein. Built to charge tolls to travelers on the river around 1326. Tad old then… Anyway next thing I know my Humans are saying we have to cross the river. What? We are in a car, The Car what’s wrong with a perfectly good bridge?


We are not going to the boat castle? Tell me we are not?


Next this flat boat thing turns up, bloody hell…


You Humans have got to be kidding me, WE ARE NOT GOING ON THAT!


But we did… No stopping a Human once their mind is set.



This is decidedly unsafe guys, turn it around…


Are we there yet I daren’t look…


Ye Gods we made it…

I will continue this dog’s tail on another occasion. I have a Rugby match to watch…


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