The Sporty Dog 2

Last weekend as I said, there was a huge storm heading for Japan and it was huge. Sadly over 80 people died. Of course it disrupted the Rugby World Cup but that is just a game, lives are far more important.

Although two games were cancelled, Japan’s team the Brave Blossoms went ahead against Scotland and they Won! They were through to the Quarter Finals in an amazing upset.

This weekend it was those Quarter Finals games in the Rugby World Cup. A real treat for a rugby lovin dog like myself! On Saturday we had Australia vs England, New Zealand vs Ireland then followed on Sunday by Wales vs France and Japan vs South Africa. That last game was a doozie but more on that later.

The biggest stuff up came with Australia losing to England 40 points to 16. Much as there was doom and gloom in our family I think England played brilliantly and were just a class above Australia in that match.

As was expected New Zealand easily won against Ireland by 46 points to 14. Ireland were one of the favourites to take out the competition at the start but they probably peaked too early. This means we are set up for a cracker of a game in the semi-finals next week between England and New Zealand. Some might say this is the real Final because these two teams arguably are the two best sides in the world right now.

On Sunday we had a thrilling match between Wales and France where France were ahead pretty much the whole game until Wales edged ahead by a single point to take the game. I was glued to the TV a can tell ya because whenever France are playing ya never really know what team they will bring but it’s always fun to watch!

The second game on Sunday was the host nation, Japan vs South Africa. Now I have to say I really wanted the Brave Blossoms to win as this was the first time in Japan’s history they had made it to the Quarter Finals but it wasn’t to be. South Africa played a brilliant game and deservedly took the win.

Oh oh, here’s trouble…

The Japanese fought well especially in the first half but really just could not compete against the pretty impressive South Africans on the day. The Blossoms lost 3 points to 26. In consolation through Japan is now ranked 6th in the world. I reckon it would be great to see them play with the big boys in the Southern Championship with Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina.

5 nil already!

Sorry for you readers who are not interested in Rugby! Enjoy the pictures!


Embarrassing Ralph

Rummaging through me Humans photo collection as ya do… I found a few very embarrassing pictures I had forgotten about. I probably used some of em in earlier blogs but who cares eh. So this blog is to make a statement to other Humans: Please don’t do this to ya dog! Please?

Last Easter some of me Humans saw someone do this on Instagram and couldn’t resist trying out the Bunny shot prank on me. Good thing I got the treat else I would have bitten that hand!

And of course every Christmas there is the obligatory Christmas getup. Now I must find some of those really funny Christmas Jumpers me Humans wear as they are way funnier.

I was just checking out the mice situation in the pantry, honest!

So what bloody idiot ate me Frisbee? Oh wait… that would be me! Gulp.

The car trip. I hate long car trips!

This is really embarrassing! You see me Humans are split on what Rugby team they support. It’s between the Australian Wallabies (in yellow and green colours) and the New Zealand All Blacks (silver and black). Now on account of the fact that I match the New Zealand colours as a Border Collie I go for the All Blacks. On this particular day where New Zealand was playing Australia, one of those traitors supporting the Aussies put this scarf on me. Not Happy!

Me Humans couldn’t resist could they. Just coz the shop owners name is Ralf I was plonked down in front of the door… really peoples… Embarrassing…

Wots the problem? I’m incubating me eggs… err me balls…

Wot? Oh this mess? Nope was not me, a big wind came and blew everything around.

Oh come on, It’s still a ball alright! Ya can still chuck it for me.

Enjoy your weekend!


A Rugby World Champion Dog


Ralph The All Black!

Congratulations New Zealand, Rugby World Cup 2015 Champions!

I’d be a great All Black, I have the ball skills and the colours too. Will have to have a word with that bloke Carter, he’s moving to France which is not too far from here…


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Away With The Fairies

Ok Ok I have not been blogging this past week. Not that I have been “away with the fairies” my Humans have mind you I tend to think.

I have been a little bit under house arrest. My Humans have been away on holiday in France and Portugal and I have had to contend with my “Stand In” Humans who have not let me even close to a keyboard…  More later though…

Just heard New Zealand and Australia are in the Rugby World Cup final. Now in our Aussie / Kiwi house I predict war… time for me and me black and white colours to keep a low profile for a bit… Go All Blacks, just saying…

Post soon


How To Get Human Food

I was thinking about food as I often do, especially Human food. At lunch time today I had some yummy chicken leftovers from my Humans last night dinner. I also scored a few tasty Krabben Chips from Grumpy-Human’s snack bowl while he was distracted watching the Rugby! Love them, especially the spicy ones…

I really don’t understand why human food is so tasty and I rarely get to eat it, instead I get dog food.


Happy Dog!!! Really!. You Humans should try it before making that statement.

food11   Now to be fair the local pet shop does have kangaroo which my Humans do buy as a treat for me and it’s not half bad. Not Human food however, at least not in Germany. Funny story: My Human’s once tried some imported Kangaroo on the BBQ and invited their German neighbours over. Long story but suffice to say they have not been back since…

Now I’m not even sure dog food is technically food, it tastes so bad compared to Human food and it looks bad too.

Every chance I get I go for the Human stuff but I have to be deviously cunning to get it. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting Human food.

food01  One of the first things you learn is the old hide under the table trick. Now it actually does not matter that your Humans know you are there. What I do is rest my head gently on the sucker err I mean Human’s knee and generally they can’t help but give you a wee morsel, secretly of course as they don’t want the other Humans at the table to know. It’s brilliant!

food02  And of course there is the classic lightning strike method while said tasty morsel is in transit from plate to mouth. But you really do have to quick on this one.

food03  Puruse the menu board just like a Human would  – make mine a cinnamon one thanks!

CZ-2015_151  These Trdelniks from our Prague adventure were extremely yummy I must say.

food05  The sneaky scoff the cake while the Human is distracted by her magic device trick. Sadly it didn’t work in this case with Black Forest cake in the Black Forest.


I just tossed this one in because it was amusing to me and my Humans at the time and is food related. Metz, France, they have an Australian themed cafe, why?

food07  The old remove the oyster while the Human is distracted taking her fancy photos trick.

df-2015_081  Then there is the offer to be a guard dog protecting all the ummm… very  yummy meat while the BBQ-Human is away tip. So easy then to scoff a piece of steak, they never notice… One other tip though, be bloody careful, the steak can be hot!

food09    Now this isn’t a trick, but a great score if you can get it. It’s my birthday, my Humans are rather sentimental and are keen to lavish gifts on me. I’m quite keen to encourage this of course. Last birthday I got a hamburger meat stack topped off with corn. Colourful but I didn’t tell my Humans the corn was rather unnecessary, hey don’t want to rain on their parade eh?

Have fun guys…


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The World’s Biggest Sheep

I’ve had a nice slow week after my encounter with The Vet. I’ve been keeping a low profile with my Humans and watching the Rugby World Cup too of course. By the way did you see England lose to Australia? Boy that was a big game and a half, I know I go for the All Blacks and  Australia due to my Kiwi / Aussie family but I really felt for the Poms (Aussie term for the English) last night.

Ralph watching Rugby

Anyway when I heard my Humans were going out for the day to somewhere called The Stables to visit some friends it sounded interesting and worth risking a car ride for, so off we went.

horse-03  Now you’re just not going to believe this. These stables housed the biggest sheep in the world! I swear the hooves on the things were as big as my head.


It must be pretty vicious too as it was kept behind this electric fence. I touched it and crikey what a jolt, not doing that again…

horse-02  Oh my god its going to eat me!

horse-01   They come in many colours but the wool on em looks a little thin. I wonder if there are super sized Border Collies where they come from to round em up eh…

It got worse as my silly Humans decided to hop up onto the back of one them. I thought of rescuing them but then decided nah, looks decidedly dangerous to get to close those hooves so I thought best to leave em to it. Hey, they didn’t listen to my warning bark…

horse-05  I did meet a new mate which was pretty cool.


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A Rugby Dog

rugby03  As some of you guys will know, there is a big sporting event in England over the next six weeks, the Rugby World Cup. For those of you from the USA this is a game a bit like your football but without the protective padding! Anyway, what’s a dogs blog got to do with Rugby eh? Well as it turns out I’m a great fan of the game. It’s one of the few things on my Humans TV that attract my attention, the others being anything showing a sheep and sheep dog trials. Oh and the Dog Whisperer of course.

rugby01      You may think I am making this up but my humans will back me up on my viewing habits. [Human-Editor’s note: Yep, only dog I’ve ever seen that can actually watch TV and seem to understand the content. Has the attention span of a gnat though luckily for us]

Rugby is a brilliant game that I first heard about from my Uncle Dog from New Zealand. Him and his Human, Wal were stars in their day. Well actually it was local country Rugby. Uncle Dog’s role was to steal the ball and run off and hide it much to Wal’s annoyance, himm… must be where I get my ball skills from then. Because of this and of course Grumpy-Human is from New Zealand too, I go for the All Blacks. Well one other thing, I’m a Black & White Border Collie, team colours of the All Blacks!

rugby04 The All Blacks performing there famous pre-game Haka. It involves much leaping, pulling funny faces and sticking out of tongues, a bit like me really…

We had a big scare on Sunday.

rugby05  Grumpy-Human was in London at Wembley Stadium watching the All Blacks vs Argentina match while me and my other Humans were watching it live on TV at home. We assumed the All Blacks would win easily but the Argentines (also known as the Pumas go figure) really came close to beating them.

rugby02  I was a nervous wreck especially after one of the other favourite sides to win the tournament, the South Africans lost to Japan, a fairly low ranked team a day earlier.

We won 26 – 16 in the end. South Africa lost 32 – 34 to the Japanese but what a game that was! The Japanese team (who call themselves The Blossoms by the way) managed an epic David and Goliath style struggle that ran right down to the very last seconds of the game. Any one remotely interested in any sport should watch that match if they can. Bloody Marvelous as Grumpy-Human would say.


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