I Miss Europe

These past few days have seen some pretty hot weather here in Perth, yesterday it was 42C (108F for you old school types). I hate it, I was born in Ireland so this is not natural to me. I have no Dingo, Australian Kelpie or Australian Cattle Dog in me to help. I hold my DNA test up as evidence of that!

So I just don’t cope well with hot weather.

To make matters worse, me Humans are renovating the house so we have NO air-conditioning! I know, I know, me wolf ancestors never had AC either and they survived. But no I’m not soft alright, they didn’t live in Australia.

Me Humans do understand and hose me down or take me to the beach to cool off which is great.

Now I hear some of you Northern Hemisphere dogs saying I have it way to good, mutter mutter as you suffer through winter! But I say NO. it’s not enough peoples! Where is the snow I ask?

Just a few short years ago at this time of year here I was catching snow balls in Germany for Christmas!

Or chasing me ball in a snowy forest!

Or building snowdogs

Or having fun catching the balls falling from the sky. Never understood why they seem to disappear though when you catch em in ya mouth…

Enjoy your summer or your winter guys.

It is hot but it is an Australian summer after all! But please spare a thought for all the brave firefighters here in Australia battling the bush fires across the country. We even have firefighters helping from as far away as Canada!



Dog Paddle

Ralph Border Collie Croatia

Now I was just thinking rather sadly about our lost summer and how there is a real chill in the air now (well for us in the northern hemisphere). The sky is softening to grey and the nights are coming earlier… Sigh. The last few summers I have been a keen swimmer and addict of all things watery. I just love it so much so here are a few pictures of me and water to bring back that summery feeling.


water03  In the early days I wasn’t so enamored with water but got my fair share via snow – not so summery a picture I know but I really love catching the snow flakes…

There is a small creek near where we live so I often in summer go for a quick dip. It’s not deep enough to get a good swim mind you.

water04  Me walking on water…


water05 Ahhh, that’s better


Other summers like last year in the Adriatic I had a real treat swimming in the Mediterranean with my Humans. I know I have loosely blogged about that before but here are a few more choice pickies…






Water on a hot day eh? Got to be the most refreshing beverage there is.



water13  Now I do have to get me one of these!



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It’s June

Smug Dog and Ball

Its June already, the longest day is nearly here.

Crate21  The European summer, all six days of it are nearly over… And we haven’t even been on our summer holidays yet! I don’t know where my Humans are taking me (better not be Australia), I hear talk of Spain and France, then they mention Northern Ireland so it’s a mystery I guess.

Its been a bit slow here the last week, not so much to blog about. I did spot an alien in my treats bin though!

Dog and a pigs nose  So who put the nose in my treats bin then? Seeing as it’s here I’ll have that thank you very much. By the way the cravat I’m wearing… Not me, bloody Princess-Human cornered me and stuck it on me… Anyway its not my colour.

Dog goggles doggles  And check these out, doggie goggles! I just love Germany, they have everything a dog needs here! Doggles eh… I’d be a cool dude with these on the beach this summer holidays, just saying…

dog and crate  The Crate Wars continue, my Humans think they are winning because I slept in my bed next to The Crate last night That was only because they moved the bed there in the first place. No way was I sleeping on the floor in the hard living room.

Chat later


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