The Rhine Continues – Lorch

The Rhine at Lorch, about 12 km upstream from Rüdesheim (my last Rhine blog)  is the start of the steep valleys and the impossible vineyards perched on their slopes. Castles start appearing at each twist of the river now.


Check out the cool steam train! But man picking those vines must be tricky…

The Rheinsteig trail is the walk to follow if as I previously mentioned you don’t want to use The Car, the train, a steam train, the bicycle or the boat. The Germans cater for all forms of transport and don’t miss a trick.  The Rheinsteig trail continues for over three hundred kilometers along the Rhine but at Lorch it is quite special, winding up to tremendous views over the river and village. For more info on the Rheinsteig trail check out their English web site here.


rhine-21  Come on you lazy Humans, the trail is this way.Ya just follow the blue and white squiggly thing!



Me and Curley catching a breather, overlooking the Rhine and Lorch.


Lorch with a view

rhine-15 rhine-16


Princess and me taking it all in


We weren’t the only ones enjoying the view.


Now if we keep on the track we will end up in Kaub where I blogged about crossing the river last week. I’m assuming we are not doing that eh? Lets take The Car? Did I just say that?


Back in Lorch ready for the obligatory afternoon coffee and cake, well water and cake for me.

Next blog I think it will be Kaub and beyond…


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My Favourite Balls

There is yet another rail strike in Germany beginning today. This one, so my Humans tell me, is to go on indefinitely, crikey that sounds like a long time then. Great, that means lots of grumpy Humans not just Grumpy-Human. Even Princess and Curley-Human will be grumpy because they have to get up early to go to school by The Car!

My solution? Cheer em all up. What better way than to tell them and the world about me balls eh?

Continuing the story on my ball obsession hobby…

Pristine tennis balls

balls15-02 Nope you can’t have it. I’m not done ghizzying it up yet

My favourite ghizzy tennis ball

balls15-01 What? Never seen a dog poke his tongue out with a ball in his mouth? Is there a train coming? Nah, they are on strike, they are always on strike in Germany!

Frisbees, while not strictly balls are loads of fun

balls15-03 Who ate the inside of me Frisbee eh? Oh wait, that would be me!

Partially eaten balls

balls15-04 These are brilliant with their texture and all and great to tease your Humans with. The best thing is to keep chewing it down in size to see just how small a fragment you can get your Humans to throw for you! They are crazy, I once carried around a fragment of a ball smaller than my toe, they still threw it for me, go figure…

What do you do with a favourite ball?

balls15-05 Keep a bloody close eye on it because at any moment it can leap up and run off in some random direction. Oh wait, that would be a sheep! Well balls do this in my dreams you know… Anyway if you stare at the ball long enough your Humans will feel sorry for you and throw it.

So there you are, just some pickies of some of my favourite balls. See my blog a few months ago where I showed you some more of my private ball collection.


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