A Border Collie Returning Across Borders

Yep, heading home to Frankfurt, Germany.


We are at the ferry port at Dover, England. Check out the cool Combi-Vans traveling with us on the ferry.


OK the weather is better than our earlier crossing but still I’m apprehensive, I still have to stay in The Car for two hours so I’ll do what I do great, sleep then!


I’m a little sad about leaving England for what will most probably be my last time. Sigh… Good bye White Cliffs of Dover.



Well we made it across the English Channel no problem. First stop as always is to stock up with yummy French food in Dunkirk at the local Auchan Supermarket. Now this time guys, more Human treats like that fabulous French ham for me eh?



We are off! Heading across France for the Belgian border, all buckled up and snuggling into Princess Human with my usual worry about the world look. Boss Human says I’m old beyond my years. I say I’m wise beyond me years. The world out there is a dodgy dangerous place you know…



So… a Border Collie crossing borders again…  Another long queue of cars and trucks as we approach the Belgian border but we get through fairly quickly this time. Onward into Belgium then, around Brussels on its always busy R0 ring road. We then slingshot out onto the E40 motorway towards Liege. Not far now to the German border and the border town of Aachen beyond.

We cross the German border before Aachen, no problems but then 20 or so kilometers into Germany anther big road block disguised as road works with heavily armed police inspected cars and trucks. Blinding lights shining in our windows… With our car’s foreign GB plates I thought we were gonnas but no,  apart from Grumpy Human going the wrong way once waved through which caused much yelling and cursing in German and pointing of said rather large guns we were on our way.


Keep calm and relax as my pillow says…

Next we swing by the beautiful city of Cologne and onto the last stretch of 100 miles or so down the A3 to Frankfurt. Easy peasy eh?


And home at last!!!


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Eccentric England

As you know me and me Humans are visiting England.  I’m having great fun catching up with mates and revisiting my old haunts in England. I do have to tell you about the eccentricity of the English seaside though.


Visiting the coastal village of Southwold in the English county of Suffolk we came across the local pier which juts out some 200 m into the North Sea.

Now I am not making this up, honest! They have a dog walking machine on the pier! It has a real working mechanical dog and treadmill for pulling along its poor Humans. Here are a few pictures.





I even saw a contraption for testing older Humans that need a walking frame. It was a kind of game of chicken with older Humans and cars!


Turns out there were many strange machines there all designed and built by an English Engineer-Cartoonist by the name of Tim Hunkin.

Well more later as I head home to Germany…


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A Border Collie Crossing Borders

Well I made it to England. Sorry about my blurry eyes and silly Human… What a trip. Easy to drive from Frankfurt through Germany and Belgium but once we got to the French border near Dunkirk whoohh, big road block and huge delays as security checked all vehicles coming in to France. The knock on from the Paris incident of course. Rather pleased actually, makes me and my Humans feel safer.

Any way once through that we had elected to use the Ferry route to Dover, England. Big mistake. A huge storm arrives delaying our departure then what a ride at sea… And guess what? Us dogs are locked in our cars for the crossing while our Humans are aloud out on the ship, not fair! Our car was up the front so it was not pleasant with the rocking and rolling for several hours.

Glad to say I arrived fine but a little ruffled as my picture will attest!

More later











Yep, The VET but I do it for England…

I had to go to the dreaded VET today but luckily it wasn’t to bad.


Hey! What am I saying, it is not my favourite place Ok, just read my lips err… I mean body language…

Well there were no sharp cold pointy things being jabbed into me thankfully. We are all off to England this Sunday for a week. Traveling to the UK means I need to have my passport updated by the local VET before entry into the UK.  Wait…I have a passport?


I never knew this, its official and everything, complete with me mug-shot! My Human-Editor even had to blur out me ID for you guys, very official I must say.


Don’t ya just hate passport photos? I should have combed me fur…

Grumpy-Human has to go to England for work and as its school holidays the whole family including me get to tag along! Sadly it’s probably our last trip to the UK before my “transportation” to Australia. We are going in The Car which I loathe but I love England so that more than compensates. I hope I get to see my old Puppy School alumni, must see if Boss-Human stayed in touch with their Humans…

Obviously I will try and blog on the adventure as we travel, assuming I can sneak onto Curly-Humans laptop that is. That can be problematic as she’s usually rather glued to it.


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