The Travels A dog Has When He Doesn’t Travel

Sadly my holidays this summer have been strangely lacking. Last year we went to Croatia and Italy, here are a few holiday snaps I stole from my Humans photo stash to make up for it…

croatia01  Me near Dubrovnik thinking of how I can get to see Italy.

croatia02  Me heading for Italy…

croatia04  Just joking. Its rather nice here and we are going to Venice later.

croatia03  That lunch looks rather good, must be for me then…


croatia06  Captain of the boat, that’s me!

croatia09  And yep I got to go to Venice too. These gondolas are so cool.

croatia08  I could swim that…

croatia07    Bloody tourists!

Now back to reality eh? I spotted my Humans packing for a trip somewhere.Aug15-01  What’s that all about? They are taking another dog and me fav ball! This is not good…

A few days later I spot these snaps sent back home from California…

Aug15-04 Aug15-03 Aug15-02

And it didn’t end there either! Look at these snaps from my Humans, obviously now in Brussels as this looks like the Grand Place if I’m not mistaken. My stand-in is getting all the fun, not me woe…

Aug15-05 Aug15-06 Aug15-07

But my misery was to continue… These snaps came from Exmoor, North Devon in England!



Aug15-12 They saw horses and everything, I bet there were sheep there too. My favorite of course!

My Humans had a great holiday without me and with a stand-in dog too.

Here’s a few snaps now of me when they got home a few days ago. I was not taking my eyes off em for a second. God knows where they will turn up next!

Aug15-11 Aug15-10

Well I cant be too harsh on my Humans, I had Stand-in Humans who were soooo good to me while my family was away.


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