ralphlogo Me in Venice, Italy, cool eh!

Hi, I’m Ralph, a Border Collie recently transported from Europe to Australia and trying to understand and cope with the Human world. My blog is really to set the record straight as my much adored Humans can be a bit biased in their own blogs and facebook pages.

I blog on my crazy Humans, my travels, my food and anything else that affects my world…




12 thoughts on “About

  1. Ahh, its so much easier today with our technology. Still, pets and travel, they don’t often mix. Me as a dog I’m OK mostly but it can be stressful, I know my Humans keep an eye on that…

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  2. I love reading about Ralph’s travels. He’s a gorgeous dog. Also, all your photos of scenery and life in Germany make me want to visit. It looks beautiful there.


  3. It is a beautiful country and we feel privileged to have had the opportunity to live here. If/when you get the chance to visit do it you won’t regret it.



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