My Kiwi Uncle

I was chatting with an old uncle of mine on FidoNet (as you do) the other day. My uncle is a retired border collie sheep dog who lives with his also retired Humans Wal and Cheeky in Raupo. It’s a small farm town in New Zealand’s Te Urewera region on the eastern side of the North Island. footrot Uncle Dog  (he even looks like me…) has one issue (actually he has many but today this one will do) that I should clarify before I tell you more about him and his story. There are no known photographs of him so any pictures you see are highly accurate depictions drawn by a very special and talented New Zealand cartoonist, Murray Ball. It turns out my Uncle used to be rather famous in his day, even starred in his own movie. Sadly in recent years everyone has forgotten him and he is feeling a bit sad and neglected, not world famous like me. Some of his background story can be found at this link by a nice blogger by the name of Bob Temuka from a few years ago. Today’s not the day but soon I will try and bring his updated story to you guys soon.


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