Strange Days and… a Birthday!

Hi all,

This time, no apologies for not blogging recently. The world has gone quite mad.

Me Humans seem to have stopped going to work for no apparent reason. They are very gloomy and continually watching the ABC news channel, what’s that all about?

I do seem to be getting more walks than usual but it’s funny, the streets are nearly empty and when we do pass another dog walking his Human they make sure they pass each other so wide apart that us dogs don’t even get a chance to sniff and greet!

And whats with these toy bears appearing everywhere when you go out for ya walks?

On me walks in to Fremantle I have seen more cruise ships than I thought existed. Me Humans tell me there are a lot of sick people on board.

Another thing, all me Humans have suddenly developed a need to wash their hands all the time with some nasty smelling squirty-onny substance. They even use some cloth thingy to wipe down the groceries as they are unpacked.

If its about trying not to get sick then maybe there is a big upside to living in Perth, the most isolated city on the planet.

Anyway, it’s me birthday!! So to cheer me Humans up here are a few pickies from today and previous birthdays.

3 Years old! Germany 2015
Perth, Western Australia 2016
Down at the local park. Can ya guess me age?

And now for me 8th birthday here in Fremantle!

For me? And a prezzy too!

Smells yum!
You always gotta love a ball for ya birthday eh?

A big thank you to all the Humans and Dogs working on the front line in our supermarkets, in health and protecting our borders.

Hang in there and stay safe.


26 thoughts on “Strange Days and… a Birthday!

  1. Well, Ralph,

    You certainly know how to party! My human was really enjoying your second to last party photo from this years celebration! (It was the eyes.) Me? I was liking the lovely new blue ball. My first birthday is just around the corner, so maybe my humans will take the hint?

    Happy Birthday!
    B.F. Walker

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  2. Happy No. 8, Ralph! You don’t look a day over ‘fur-bulous!’ Tell your ‘pawrents’ to stay well and keep smiling. Enjoy that new ball and the extra walks. Us dogs gotta make lemonade out of this virus thing, right?
    Your fur-iends,
    Elsa & Norman 🐾

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  3. I love this. That absolutely beautiful face with those eyes eating that cake just made my day. I laughed most of the day just thinking about that expression. Why everyone isn’t in love with dogs I will never know. The most wonderful animal on earth.

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  4. A very happy belated Birthday from the otherside of the earth, it takes a long time for news to reach Ireland. All the dogs in this house say your cakes look much nicer than theirs. I am glad to see you had a such a nice day.

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    1. I know I have been a little slack due to this lock down thingy but at least here in Western Australia things are looking better so I’d better get paw to keyboard again



  5. It has been a while! Sorry been a hectic year but me and me Humans are doing really well. I had been thinking I ort to do an update. I’ll see what I can come up with…



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