The Airport Dog

Border Collie Airport

Dogs and airports, who knew? I’ve heard all about these dogs that hang out at airports, their sole responsibility to sniff Humans and their baggage. Sounds pretty boring, not to mention a tad dangerous as you have no idea where they have been. I guess every dog needs a job eh?

Well to get to the point, I thought I’d check out our local airport, Frankfurt. As some of you guys will know, in the not too distant future I will be winging my way in comfort on a plane to Australia. Might as well check out the luxurious facilities on offer and my Humans were picking up a friend at the airport anyway.

Ralph  [Human-Editor’s note:

1 – He was turfed into the back of the car as he was being a grumpy pest at home, a drive might do him some good.

2 – He still has no idea his trip to Australia will be far from luxurious and Jet Setting but we let him dream…]

Ralph   Frankfurt Airport!

ap1-03  Check this out… flights to all parts of the world, let’s see if there is one to Australia today…

ap1-09  I have heard that most airports around the world don’t allow dogs to just amble in with their Humans but Frankfurt airport is pretty cool about dogs. You see dogs everywhere. This little guy and I just wanted to have a quick play while our boring Humans waited for the flight…

ap1-07   They have food and everything at airports.

ap1-08  That looks yummy and smells delicious can I have some please?

Photo Border Collie  Cool! Am I photogenic or what!

Border Collie Run  I could run that. To the end and back, 20 seconds flat… umm where did that thought come from? Must be the touch of greyhound in me.

ap1-04  The seats are very comfy but I bet a Human will turf me off any second now. Why do they do that?

ap1-10  Escalators, don’t ya just hate em? Humans, what were they thinking when they invented these infernal contraptions. Good toenail clippers for dogs though… I see a Human foot-print but no dog paw-print so I’m taking the stairs. Looks like the human foot-print lost his toes, just saying…

And that guys was my airport report! Chat next time…


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3 thoughts on “The Airport Dog

  1. I’ll let you into a little secret, I do know. I’d rather just cruise on for now though in a blissful sort of ignorance. It keeps my Humans happy, they fret and worry about me and my long voyage…


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