Yep, The VET but I do it for England…

I had to go to the dreaded VET today but luckily it wasn’t to bad.


Hey! What am I saying, it is not my favourite place Ok, just read my lips err… I mean body language…

Well there were no sharp cold pointy things being jabbed into me thankfully. We are all off to England this Sunday for a week. Traveling to the UK means I need to have my passport updated by the local VET before entry into the UK.  Wait…I have a passport?


I never knew this, its official and everything, complete with me mug-shot! My Human-Editor even had to blur out me ID for you guys, very official I must say.


Don’t ya just hate passport photos? I should have combed me fur…

Grumpy-Human has to go to England for work and as its school holidays the whole family including me get to tag along! Sadly it’s probably our last trip to the UK before my “transportation” to Australia. We are going in The Car which I loathe but I love England so that more than compensates. I hope I get to see my old Puppy School alumni, must see if Boss-Human stayed in touch with their Humans…

Obviously I will try and blog on the adventure as we travel, assuming I can sneak onto Curly-Humans laptop that is. That can be problematic as she’s usually rather glued to it.


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6 thoughts on “Yep, The VET but I do it for England…

  1. I too have a passport, acquired with the express purpose of taking me over to the sceptered isle, land of our forefathers, but sadly it hasn’t happened yet. Have to say that I absolutely love travelling in the car. Don’t forget your umbrella (would that be a collie-brollie?). Have fun and toodle pip, me old china. Blog

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